Our Vision

Faireman Real Estate agents have one primary purpose, one unified goal, one main philosophy in all of our business operations — to provide our clients unparalleled customer service. That may sound trite or cliche, but it is real. We run our business based on the belief that we can do something different in real estate. Everything we do, from the hiring of agents and staff, to the implementation of procedures and processes in our business is ultimately done for the express purpose of providing all of our clients, with exemplary service.

In the real estate industry, we have four main groups of people they have to interact with. Below are our promises to each of those groups.

For Our Clients

  • You will be treated with the utmost respect by your agent.
  • You will be told the truth, always. Even if it hurts.
  • You will be our primary focus and concern.
  • No one will ever try to talk you into doing anything that you are uncomfortable with, or that you do not completely understand.
  • You will never be obligated to continue using any service we provide.
  • We will make every effort humanly possible to ensure your real estate goals are achieved.
  • Your agent will be experienced and professional.

For Our Prospective Clients

  • You will never be hounded or harassed to “get the sale” (or for any other reason).
  • We will attempt to answer any questions you may have.
  • You will be respected as if you were already one of our most valued clients.

For Our Real Estate Team Members

  • You will be always be treated with the utmost respect.
  • We will endeavor to provide you with tools you need to be successful.
  • We will provide you a work environment of cooperation, not competition.
  • You will be paid accurately and immediately.
  • You will have 24x7x365 access to us and our office staff.

For Our “Competitors” and Ancillary Service Providers

  • We will treat you like we expect to be treated.
  • We will work together with you to achieve a successful transaction closing.
  • We will immediately pay commissions due.

Those are our promises. And we plan on keeping them. Always. Unconditionally. Forever.

If you’re trying to get in touch with us, do so here.